LTC Classes Made Affordable and Easy

Your place or mine

LTC Classes Made Affordable, Quick and Easy

Your place or mine

Safety is our #1 consideration!

Rental Guns Available or you can share

Call for times or gather a group and enjoy our group rates at your convenience
Should you struggle, which you probably won’t, we will do a little more training and you’ll likely sail through it, no problem. Same day, same session.

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Constitutional Carry Has Limitations

If you read the fine print, it isn’t enough. You will be denied rights, privileges and training that come with an License to Carry (LTC) Permit. If you’re going to carry a firearm in public, you NEED training. You need to know the laws and you need to know what is and what isn’t a defense to prosecution. You need to know conflict avoidance, situational awareness, what the 30.05, 30.06 and 30.07 are, and where you can and can’t carry. Amongst many other things that you haven’t fully considered, but most of all, you need some gun safety training. The gun safety standards we all learned and grew up with because we’re Texans isn’t sufficient for an environment where lots of people have lots of guns.


Law enforcement agencies in the state of Texas respect law abiding citizens who possess a license. It tells them that you have had some training and that you are indeed a law abiding citizen. Without a license, they have invest time to check the legality of your possession and you become a pain instead of being an asset. There are many benefits to acquiring a license to carry.

You need your LTC… We make it quick and easy

Our regular course held Sat. & Sun. in Devine, Tx $75.00

Entire Course held at your location for 4 people minimum (per person) Starting at $80.00

($5.00 Discount per each additional participant up to total of 10) (No limit on no. participants)

$300.00 minimum for courses held at your location so single private instruction is available, it’s just more costly.

Licensed and Certified by the State of Texas - based in the Devine area

Have course-Will travel

We will help you learn to handle your firearm both safely and proficiently. With an easy relaxed few mandatory hours of classroom training involving Laws, Conflict avoidance, Gun Safety and Gun Usage, we will get you comfortable with your particular firearm and follow that up with shooting proficiency demonstration that will be fun and simple enough for you to get through… Should you struggle, which you probably won’t, we will do a little more training and you’ll sail through it, no problem… Same day… Same session.

Most of us grew up around guns and most of us think we know enough about the use of firearms that we don’t need training but there are many issues that you’ll need to take under consideration before carrying a firearm in public or even handling a firearm for recreation. So do yourself a favor and call us and let us help you safely and legally avoid being a victim.