What You Will Need

We will help you learn to handle your firearm both safely and proficiently. With an easy relaxed few mandatory hours of classroom training involving Laws, Conflict avoidance, Gun Safety and Gun Usage, we will get you comfortable with your particular firearm and follow that up with shooting proficiency demonstration that will be fun and simple enough for you to get through… Should you struggle, which you probably won’t, we will do a little more training and you’ll sail through it, no problem… Same day… Same session.

Most of us grew up around guns and most of us think we know enough about the use of firearms that we don’t need training but there are many issues that you’ll need to take under consideration before carrying a firearm in public or even handling a firearm recreationally. So do yourself a favor and call us and let us help you safely and legally avoid being a victim.

Materials Needed

  1. Handgun in a case box or bag (We have handgun rentals available or you can share)

  2. 100 Rounds of the correct ammunition separate from the gun. You will probably only need 50 rounds but if you have a really off day… You will have a second opportunity to pass the shooting proficiency portion of the course.

  3. Be familiar with Chapter 9 of the Texas Penal Code

  4. Texas Driver’s license or Texas State Issued ID

  5. Proper shooting attire recommended including:

  • Ball cap

  • Eye protection

  • Hearing protection

  • Closed toe shoes

  • Shirt with a snug fitting collar

Bring your unloaded gun in a case, box or bag. Make sure there is no ammunition in the case, box or bag. Bring your ammunition separately so that you can bring your gun in and leave your ammunition in your car or in a separate room or area.

Be prepared to exercise an abundance of caution and redundant safety procedures

We are required to do an absolute minimum of 4 hours of classroom time. It may go longer depending upon the specific needs of each class. There is a fair amount of information that must be covered by law but there are a few things that we can do to keep the time closer to the minimum required. Chapter 9 of the Texas Penal Code covers the bulk of the legal information that you will need to be familiar with and understand. Being familiar with these statutes will speed things up considerably. There are other statutes that we have to cover but they are relatively few once we get past Chapter 9. If you bring with you to class the copy of Texas Penal Code Chapter 9 that you printed out and have been relentlessly poring over, it will likely speed things up significantly.

Our priority, however, is safety. Most of us are familiar with basic firearm safety rules but in a group shooter setting, firearm safety is a Zero-Fail / Zero-Flaw issue and all safety rules will be strictly adhered to. Firing range rules will be followed. We will go over and practice the safety procedures which is why there will be no ammunition allowed in the immediate vicinity. Most of the rules you may be familiar with and some you may not but another way to speed up the classroom portion of the training would be to be familiar with the features and function of your particular firearm.